Fall Apples, Birthday Dinner, and Disney Surprises

By Sarah Dingman | September 25, 2012

My favorite thing about New England? We get to enjoy fall before everyone else it seems! It is in full swing here; cooler temperatures, spicier smells, deeper colors and I am in love!! Last weekend we embraced this along with my birthday (another reason probably why I love fall) and a few surprises along the way.

A Day at the Museum

By Sarah Dingman | August 26, 2012

Mark, being a graphic designer, and me, always interested in seeing, learning and talking about beautiful art, we decided on a cloudy Saturday to try out an art museum near us that neither of us had been to. Before leaving, we took our time getting ready. I didn’t plan it but I worked a little […]

The Dining Dilemma – Jiko vs. Citricos

By Sarah Dingman | July 29, 2012

While visiting Walt Disney World, Mark and I like to eat well. And as in “eat well,” I mean we like to have a variety of foods, experiences, cultures, and price ranges; some new, some old. In order to get those experiences, we tend to plan 180 days out from our arrival date (we’re THOSE people). We want to have one kick-butt, this is the best food I’ve ever had and I don’t care how much it costs meal during our trip. This is where my dilemma lies.

American Idol Experience

By Sarah Dingman | January 29, 2012

Have you ever wanted to be pampered with supurb hair and makeup and receive professional coaching and direction in preparation for performing under blazing bright lights on an official American Idol stage for a packed house of eager listeners? Yeah, most people would say no, but I said yes!

Finding Balance In a Whirlwind

By Sarah Dingman | July 8, 2011

I’m missing Disney recently which has sparked an interest in my otherwise forgotten quest to blog consistently! So where were we? Ahhh yes, five months ago we sailed home from our most recent Disney adventure and that’s where I dropped the ball. Let’s start picking up where we left off piece by piece; starting with my […]

We’re Back!

By Sarah Dingman | February 13, 2011

Our recent Walt Disney World vacation has come to an end and enough good things can’t be said about it. Mark and I have created so many new lasting memories in Disney World and could not be happier. I will spill various parts of our activities and experiences in the next coming months because there are so many I can’t keep up with it all! Among them are dining reviews of some places we’ve just discovered, some favorite attractions and new ones including a spa treatment and a surprising adventure at the American Idol Experience in Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Stay tuned for lots of pictures and full reviews.