An Oscar Night Dinner!

By Sarah Dingman | March 2, 2014 | Disney at Home


In preparing for watching the Academy Awards tonight I decided to give a little nod and use the Oscars as inspiration for our dinner! I found a healthy version of Oscar Burgers which I improvised slightly and ended our meal with a quick version of “Red Carpet” Cupcakes!

Lemon zest, minced garlic, diced red pepper for burgers.

Pork burger patties.

Chopped fresh dill, lemon, and plain greek yogurt.

Delicious sauce base.

Steaming burgers!

Roasted asparagus.

Finished Oscar Burger! Topped with roasted asparagus and crab meat.

Served with baked shoestring sweet potato fries.

I made the second part of dinner just as fabulous looking but a little easier on myself by using pre-prepared items! Betty Crocker usually gets it right anyway right? I trust her. I was super happy to find the absolutely perfect Oscar-worthy gold sparkly accessories for these Red Carpet gems!

Red velvet cake mix, whipped cream cheese frosting, glitter gold sparkles, and gold cups.

It’s a lovely shade of red!

Beautiful cupcakes.

Starring roles.

And the award goes to…