Ashley’s Disney Pre-Wedding Celebration!

By Sarah Dingman | March 23, 2014

Another of my Disney Bride friends, Ashley, has generously offered her Disney-themed shower for me to share! Ashley’s shower, which she hosted with her now husband, Brian, was a combination shower/wedding celebration as they had many friends and family who weren’t able to attend their Florida Disney wedding and wanted to be included in some of the fun!

Saint Patrick’s Disney Side!

By Sarah Dingman | March 16, 2014

With Saint Patrick’s Day right around the corner, and my need to create new things, I began scoring my brain for some way to incorporate our Disney side with some festive yumminess!

Disney Bride Kristin’s Bridal Shower!

By Sarah Dingman | March 16, 2014

I am thrilled to feature one of my Disney Bride friends’ bridal shower! Kristin’s shower was so fun with subtle Disney nuances mixed with some of her favorite things!

An Oscar Night Dinner!

By Sarah Dingman | March 2, 2014

In preparing for watching the Academy Awards tonight I decided to give a little nod and use the Oscars as inspiration for our dinner! I found a healthy version of Oscar Burgers which I improvised slightly and ended our meal with a quick version of “Red Carpet” Cupcakes!

Cookie Recipe – Deceptively Delicious

By Sarah Dingman | February 16, 2014

Now that we’re officially newlyweds, I have been working on punching up our health factor by adding more veggies! Also, preparing many meals ahead of time has helped to avoid that last minute rush to feed ourselves, giving up, and ordering pizza. So Sunday has, by default, become my cooking/baking day! I think I’ll start to share a few of our favorite new recipes here so you can follow along.

We’re Marrrrrried!

By Sarah Dingman | February 15, 2014

We’ve passed our 3rd month of marriage, which means we’ve made it longer than some Hollywood marriages! After all the craziness of our Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding, everything leading up to it, the trip and entertaining in Disney World afterward, and the holidays right after that, we are finally in a much needed lull and totally fine with that! I thought I would share a few photos to tide over my long hiatus and fill in all the gaps along the way! Enjoy!